The IoBoscoVivo world

Be Green, Be Healthy, Be Free

IoBoscoVivo is a young team in search of sustainability and innovation with at heart: Environment, Wellness and Freedom.

Our goal is to create “Smart FunctionalFood”, that is intelligent, Bio and functional foods, capable of helping us to live better thanks to their health properties, in particular, by supporting our immune system.

We monitor, requalify and promote the biological rehabilitation of Italian autochthonous woods using biological control systems focused on the use of mushrooms, and we promote the link between man and nature through the creation of botanical gardens aimed at educating children. We support a climate of well-being even in closed and stressful environments, which is why we have decided to recreate the concept of a real "forest" in our offices as well.

Mission and vision

From a philosophy ...

Create food products with high added value ORGANIC, HEALTHY and RESPECTFUL of the ENVIRONMENT for every moment of the day and according to the needs of the consumer.

To a goal

IoBoscoVivo wants to do good to people and the environment, becoming a point of reference for its consumers who are looking for a healthy, smart and sustainable lifestyle.

The team

Who works in IoBoscoVivo? 

We are a young and close-knit team, looking for sustainability and innovation!

Our history

In 2013 the IoBoscoVivo project was born, from the founder's passion for nature and healthy nutrition.
In 2018 this passion finally becomes reality and materializes in AN ORGANIC FOOD COMPANY with the aim of creating innovative, healthy and eco-sustainable foods that help humans to adopt a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.
By collaborating with universities and research laboratories, the company has started investing in the use of medicinal mushrooms, in particular on the Shiitake mushroom (Lentinulaedodes) known for its countless properties.
Hence the intuition to create the first and only line of functional food products based on SUPERFOOD MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS.

IoBoscoI live for the environment

We make a constant commitment to our internal departments, specialized in Research / Development, Nutrition and Eco Packaging,

so as to be able to offer increasingly good, healthy, innovative and eco-friendly products to our consumers!

We support the environment
We support the circular economy
We create organic 100% products
We enhance the territory
We respect animals