IoBoscoVivo's Shiitake ...

It is the 2nd most consumed mushroom in the world. In particular, our Shiitake is grown in Europe, and thanks to the exclusive cultivation method studied it manages to EXCEED THE CONTENT OF VITAMIN D BY 300 TIMES compared to that present in conventional Shiitake, providing 116μg per 100g of product. 

Our cultivation method also uses an oak wood substrate, which makes the mushrooms tastier and richer, avoiding any kind of toxicity. These mushrooms are also high in protein, 18g per 100g, making them a suitable sustenance for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Why the Shiitake IoBoscoVivo?

Natural protection

Our Shiitake mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D2, B vitamins, folic acid, fiber and minerals.

These natural elements strengthen your immune system from viral and bacterial aggressions and play a fundamental role in bone metabolism in delicate and important phases of life such as childhood, adolescence, female fertile age and senility.

High quality

We believe we can offer you the best Shiitake mushroom available on the market!

There are many qualities of Shiitake mushrooms on the market.
Did you know that they are not all the same? Most of them are grown on straw, but ours Shiitake mushrooms are grown on oak substrates or on wood to be even richer in health properties and taste!

100% Organic

Our Shiitake mushrooms are 100% organic and KM Green!

We have refined, in collaboration with our laboratory KCS Biotech, cultivation methods that help increase the health properties of each individual product. 100% organic and controlled supply chain to preserve the nutritional qualities of our mushrooms in finished products, in all available lines.


The second most consumed mushroom in the world


Rich in minerals and vitamins such as those of group B and vitamin D. It owes its immunostimulating properties thanks to the presence of β-glucans, and in particular of Lentinano.

Episodes of intoxication occur only in wild growing mushrooms.

unique and tested by us, in a healthy environment and specially transmitted to our loyal partners with a strict supply specification.

Umami, making it a real flavor enhancer with great versatility in the kitchen, making it an excellent ingredient for all recipes, from sweet to savory.

What are its benefits?

Why Vitamin D?

While it is known that the vitamin D is essential to allow the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, there are many other activities that it carries out inside the body:

Promotes the action of antibodies

Optimizes blood pressure

Prevents bone loss

Increases cognitive functions and memory

Reduces hypertension and relaxes cardio muscles

Decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes

Are you curious to try it?