For the circular economy ...

First of all ... what does it mean?

Circular Economy it is the incentive that favors the conversion of production activities towards a model that maintains the value of products, materials and resources for as long as possible, minimizing the production of waste.


In simple terms? Try to recycle and reuse as much as possible, reducing the environmental impact, without sacrificing the quality of the final product!

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here is the our contribution

We give new life to raw materials!

For some of our products we have chosen to use as raw materials superfood by-products of the food industry!

These are products that have completed their life cycle and would normally be discarded because they are not used; however, these are very good raw materials, not waste!

it is a by-product of winemaking! By using it in our gourmet line, we not only support the circular economy, but we exploit all the beneficial properties of this superfood.

it is a by-product of oil production. Once the olives are squeezed, the leftover pulp would be wasted. By using it in our crackers we give new life to this product, which is very rich in POLYPHENOLS!

Whims with grape skins and Shiitake BIO
Clouds with grape skins and Shiitake BIO
Crackers with Organic Olive Paste

We make 100% recyclable packs!

We care about environmental sustainability, for 2022 we hope to be able to replace almost all of our packs with paper solutions, therefore totally biodegradable.

Where this has not been possible, to preserve the integrity of our product, we have opted for a 100% plastic package, therefore completely recyclable!

Do you want to know how to best dispose of them?

but most of all...

No waste comes thrown away

The waste of the mushroom is given by our suppliers to the animals as feed!

The mushroom substrate is used instead as a fertilizer, or it is transformed into pellets.

In this way no waste of production becomes such, and we limit our waste production!