Gourmet Raspberry Porridge


The ideal gluten-free alternative for a healthy breakfast full of flavor and vitamin D? The Gourmet Raspberry Porridge is the perfect start to the day!

Difficulty ⭐ | 10 min. | Doses for 1


  • 150ml of vegetable soy drink
  • 1 bag of Porridge Raspberry gourmet
  • Half a red apple
  • Chopped pistachio to taste

Let's prepare it together!

Pour the soy drink into a bowl and add the Porridge mix. Mix well and microwave for 1 minute and 30sec at 800W.

While the porridge is in the microwave, wash a red apple and cut it into thin slices. Once the Porridge is ready, add the sliced apple to the Porridge and garnish with the chopped pistachios!

and breakfast is ready!

Enjoy your meal!

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